Blog 76: We are the Culture as Black People, Nothing Move Without Us. -Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter.

As weird as the title of this blog may sound, it is the truth that is hiding in plain sight and most black people are too naive to see this hence we give away our culture for pittance, only to pay significantly higher prices when the culture is plundered for all it’s worth and the carcass resold back to us.

Nowhere is this form of mental slavery more evident than in Jamaica, the land of Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley.

After Dr Umar Johnson shed light on the issue that China pretty much ‘own’ Jamaica on the Breakfast Club back in July, Jamaicans and people all around the world second his motion.

Prior to this, Jamaicans have been overt about how they are treated in their country by the Chinese but fell on deaf ears.The government of this beautiful caribbean island give chinese investors access rights to land to build resorts and highways with a promise to bring jobs and other economic incentives.

Since the bourgeoisie at the pinnacle of government don’t feel the effect of their economic decisions, there is every reason for them to believe it is a good idea.

The reality of such decision is in the above footage.

For starters, the job pays a measly $270-300 Jamaican ($2.50 USD) an hour. Any hopes of supporting a family on such earnings will mean longer hours, to make matters worse the Chinese don’t pay on time plus the Jamaican workers get fired for absolutely no reason.

What is more humiliating in my opinion is when they bring their own people from China to do key jobs which implies Jamaicans are not good enough for certain roles in their country.

It is far worse in the area of human consumption where most grocery and supermarket have seen major takeover by the asian powerhouse.

It is one thing to technically enslave people but to feed them with something that doesn’t meet the Food Standard Agency requirement is beyond a joke.

It is time we realised as a community that we can do this by ourselves and don’t need any help from¬†foreigners with ill intentions of demoralizing and destabilizing our people for the bottomline.¬†

Begging a foreigner for anything in your own country and get treated like animals in the process is not the right thing to do I would hope.

We are the culture nothing move without us.

Author: FR76

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