Blog 76: What Is The Most Genuine Form Of Giving In Your Opinion?


Rosa Parks Is not just an Icon, she is a symbol of what personifies dignity and courage at its highest level all across the world. She touched hearts beyond belief in her avant garde nature when she refused to get off that bus in 1956 amidst the harsh Jim Crow era and certainly she is part of the reason why we are free today and for that we thank her. Despite what she had gone through for humanity, an unworthy human being by the name of Joseph Skipper had the nerve to beat and rob the poor 81 year old lady in her home in Detroit August 30th 1994. Can you imagine that? Neither do I.

I reckon Mr Skipper didn’t do enough research or was high on drugs or something, you can’t do that to a lady period let alone an Icon, regardless of the fact that due to financial constraint she had no choice but to live in one of the roughest neighbourhoods In Detroit.

Bewildered at what had occurred, Judge Damon Keith contacted a friend to see what he can do to help the mother of the civil right movement to not return to the same dangerous neighbourhood where the incident happened.

That friend was none other than billionaire Mike Ilitch, Owner of Detroit Tiger, Detroit Red Wing and Cesar Pizza among many other ventures with an estimated net worth of $6.1 billion as at January 2017.

Mike Ilitch generously moved Rosa Parks to one of the poshest neighbourhoods in Detroit and made absolutely sure that her rent and needs were taken care of from 1994 until she died in 2005.

The beauty of this gesture was the fact that he (Mr Ilitch) concealed this secret for the rest of his natural life. The public became a privy to this when Mr Ilitch passed away Saturday February 10th 2017 and Judge Keith let the cat out of the bag.

I have always said anyone who gives in the glare of the cameras and social media is not genuine givers, he or she give from their pockets and not from their heart. Mr Ilitch exemplify what the true meaning of giving from the heart is, Rosa Parks gave in the form of defiance which benefited us all and when it was her turn to be in desperate need for help, her helper came from the least expected source. You take out of life what you put in, while we could never repay Rosa Park for the sacrifice she suffered, the fact that she positively stood for what she believed in there was no way she could have died in penury. 

Thanks to Mr Illitch but most importantly Judge Keith for making the connection possible!

So to answer the question, what is the most genuine form of giving? the answer is ‘when no one knows your name’


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