Blog 76: What Is The Most Power Drug On Planet Earth To You?

Biggest Addiction Known To Man Today!

If I were to ask you what is the most addictive drug that is killing our children out there today, what would your answer be?  I know some of you are guessing Heroin, Bath Salt, Cocaine, Cigarette, Alcohol, Speed, Meth?

Nah! We are here to discuss fame. Being famous or the pursuit of fame is so prevalently entrenched in our society today that kids, youths and (sadly) adults are been famous for absolutely nothing.

Back in the day you were famous for a reason for example a singer, songwriter, footballer or even a model and the kicker is even if you were one of these talents you weren’t guaranteed fame because you still have to be good and work your socks off at it but today a mobile phone and a social media account will suffice.

It has gotten to the point where adults now stoop so low to demean their integrity just to have likes on social media, let’s not even talk reality TV because there’s nothing real about it, it is all fake! Part of the script will be for the wannabe actors to create unnecessary scene as part of their as part of their contract.


Their ratchet activities is alarming and to think of the fact that anyone will go as far as recording their sex lives and posting it on social media or even selling it for fame tells me that the drug (fame) has to be way stronger than Heroin or Cocaine because I have never seen or heard of a crack head sex tape let alone trying to sell. Most times when an addict activity ends up in social media, 99% of the time it is not their fault, the are too stoned to know if they are been recorded.

Another avenue for fame thirsty adults who have grown old but refuse to grow up is talent shows like X-factor and the Voice, You know without a shadow of a doubt you can’t sing, what in the lord’s name are you doing there? Make a fool out of yourself of course and this is how depraved our society have become, a lot of the acts without talent have fooled their way to becoming millionaires like Jedward.

This is what the pursuit of fame does to you, you do anything just to be famous, even bank robbers now rob banks and request a member of their gang or their hostage team to video them on Facebook live.

The last time I checked I have never heard of a drug addict shooting up and ask someone to film him or her for social media.


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