Blog 76: What Is the Most Selfish Thing Anyone Could Do?

Let’s Think About This For A Second.

Contrary to what a lot of people may think the word selfish is not a dirty word and don’t always represent something negative but when it does it can be devastating not just to you but to everyone around hence the question from the latter perspective, What in your opinion is the most selfish thing anyone can do?

Answers are always subjective which is the beauty of any conversation and if I were asked that question my answer will have to be suicide.

Following the alleged suicide of Robert Ashton, the ex-husband of the renowned OB-GYN and chief of women’s health at ABC News Jennifer Ashton, he was reported to have jumped off the George Washington bridge, questions arose what could be the reason that drove him to his death.?

Perhaps that is something we will never know, since this is not the first time we have heard of such devastating news I thought this could be the most selfish thing anyone could ever do because taking your life might be the answer to your problems but a little consideration of what the chaotic impact of your decision will cause the loved ones you leave behind would be empathetic.

As in the case of Mr Ashton, who was recently separated from Mrs Ashton. They both have two children, can you possibly imagine what his decision could do to the kids?

I understand that there are some situation we face in life that seem putting an end to it all is the remedy and some people might be too mentally unstable to think about the consequences of their action. However, there are some people that end their life for reasons flimsy enough that I had to question like euthanasia.

Euthanasia is the process where one can decide to end their life at any time to relieve pain and suffering which is now made legal in Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Colombia with more countries considering to enact this to idea legal system.

From a moral and ethical view it is not something I would endorse but the general Idea of anyone considering ‘calling it a day‘ in my opinion is the most inconsiderable and thoughtless act anyone could inflict on their love ones because below is the sad story of Julie and Mike Bennet from Wirral England who died from cancer days from each other (the man went first). 

The wife’s last words were her young kids’ didn’t deserve the ordeal. Click the below for more story and donate if you can.

What Is the most selfish thing anyone can do in your opinion?

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