Blog 76: When Adults Act Like Teenagers.

Some of the things grown folks get up to will make ‘kids’ look like the mature and responsible ones. This is not about the issue of mid life crisis but simple the case of grown ups that refuse to grow up.

One of the most fundamental parts of been an adult is responsibility.

You will have to be ready to make a decision and be responsible for the consequences as a result, good or bad. Abrogating one’s responsibility is often times regarded as infantile and as some would say, it is allegedly linked to feminine traits.

At some point we are also expected (as adults) to be responsible of how we are perceived, in other words to be mindful of how we sell ourselves because the young oftentimes buy it.

Since we have a moral obligation to lead in the right direction, it becomes pathetic when sometimes turn don’t live up to our duties.

Let’s take for example this man who went up to a store and spent $500 on Kanye West’s Yeezy 350 BOOST sneakers which he paid cash.

As the sales assistant handed him his shoes, he brought out a bottle of Hennessy and literally destroyed the white shoes. The only reason I could think of as to why he did it would be for social media post.

I don’t think a billionaire would act in such a foolish manner.

This is the one that disgust me the most. A white male went to a restaurant for a meal and allegedly refuse to pay the bill then turned abusive.

His excuse was he was ‘waiting for a money transfer from Canada to pay’.

This is the height of ignorance in my opinion, first of all what sort of adult in 2017 goes out without some form of cash or credit in his or her wallet?

What was most touching is how rude he was when he could have been apologetic to show sincerity in his excuse for not having any money on him in the first place.

This one is both funny and sad all rolled in one. As man of God, some things are required of you. Dignity, Integrity and honour amongst all things are a prerequisite.

We have all fall victims of this vice but what makes this different is where he was carrying out his ‘deeds’.

While the pastor was preaching from the ‘good book’ his fellow army was busy watching voluptuous women twerking on his phone thinking no one saw him.

In this age of advanced technology, it was no surprise someone zoomed in on him. 

Lastly, It does not get more childish when adults fight, period. Fighting on the plane takes on another meaning to the disgrace that comes with not been able to sort things out amicable, like you would expect adults to.

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