Blog 76: Where Leading A False Life Get You!!

Champagne Lifestyle On An Orange Juice Budget

 For you to really get this blog please watch the video and ask yourself, is it worth it?Right off the bat I knew these young ladies got involved into something they had no clue about and here is why, How weird is it for two Canadian sisters (born and raised in Canada with allegedly no ancestry links to Nigeria) who had absolutely no idea about Nigeria and how it works start a Nigerian website platform called Naija Gist? Focusing on very well heeled and corrupt figures in Nigeria?
That tells me two things immediately, they are either very naive or just the face of the Nigerians actually running it.

It is obvious the yearned the limelight and are allegedly high fee escort judging from their Instagram, should they take responsibility for their action? Certainly but I believe the girls are been made scapegoats to hide the real culprit because if the Matharoo sisters knew how Nigeria works they wouldn’t even dare to think about blackmailing anyone with a little bit of change let alone a Forbes listed billionaire, In Africa where there are no rule of law? That was mistake number two.

The most laughable of their mistakes is number three: The Matharoo sisters were going to expose the billionaire that ‘he cheated on his wife’. Where did these ladies think they were?


Do you honestly think his wife was going to leave, take half of his fortune and full custody of the kids for child support? You think his wife did not know he is messing around?

At least they will learn their lesson and refrain from making such a poor decision with the people they hang around with in future, if they live to see through this palaver.

 Leave a comment to let us know if you think they acted alone on the alleged blackmail.

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