Blog 76: Who Is The Greatest Singer Of All Time To You?

The Greatest or My Favorite Of All Time?

This is quite subjective in every shape, form and fashion but the greatest voice to ever walk this earth will have to be

This Performance:

Oh Yes! This woman for me is the greatest singer of all time, male and female combined. Voice like this comes once in a lifetime.

In this performance in South Africa 23 years ago, she ripped through the crowd with her vocal cord hitting every notes impeccably by just standing on one spot with a microphone and boy did she blow?

Most entertainers (including the King Of Pop) would gyrate around the stage to get the paying audience hyped but she didn’t have to all that, she knew the voice would suffice.

Plus she was fully dressed, something that is very rare these days and she didn’t have to twerk either.

My favorite female singer is Anita Baker and male Marvin Pentz Gaye but I will be the first to say that both of them combined have nothing on Nippy.

It really is unfortunate she met her untimely demise almost 5 years ago!

Leave a comment in box below to let us know who do you think is the greatest singer of all time and why.

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