Blog 76: Who Should You Be Very Careful Of When You Become Successful?

This question was asked in a meeting I attended not too long ago and I thought about it long and hard. Some people’s answer were ‘the company you keep‘ others went as far as saying women, men and lawsuits would be the the major thing to be on the watch list. However subjective everyone’s perspectives are, the answer is closer to home than you think. Your Family!

The Notorious B.I.G said it best in the seventh of his Ten Crack Command  “this rule is so underrated, keep your family and business completely separated because money and blood don’t mix, you will find yourself in a serious mess” .

This is the one rule people of black community fall a prey to especially celebrity, the first thing they do is keep their loved ones happy which is completely okay as long as they know when and how to say NO.

Let’s start with the Togolese football legend Emmanuel Adebayor. He is without a doubt good financially but he is not what you would consider ‘rich’ in the western world, as his $25 million net worth at the peak of his career may not be enough to buy a flat in One Hyde Park, Kensington Palace Gardens London or Atherton, California.

He did right by his family by all account but for some reason his effort just was not good enough to please them all.

Two years ago he had to come forward and put them all on full blast  because of the immense pressure put on him to deliver by ‘any means necessary.

The clip above explained in detail.

The two things you can’t choose in this world is your family and your neighbour, you have no power to control the former but the latter can be controlled if you are a billionaire.

The case of 26 year old running back Trent Richardson is both naive and stupid rolled up in one. After he was been drafted in 2015, the American’s family blew through nearly $2 million of his advance payment in the first 10 months.All because he entrusted his family with his fortune, his brother was his manager and several key family figures held important role in his organisation.

He had no choice but to cut ties.

Phillip Buchanon was no exception as well. After his 2002 draft as a cornerback for the Houston Texans, he bought his mother a house which was kind of him.

His mother then demanded $1 million in cash for raising him. I wish I had made the story up but as the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction.

Don’t get me wrong in thinking that the athletes or celebrities themselves don’t play a part in their financial demise as soon as the well run dry, but the main reason why I chose family as the most thing to be worried about when you succeed is because you don’t choose your family therefore you have no control who you would like your uncle or mother to be.

Any other liabilities like friends, habits or material things you can dispose of if you really wanted to.

Your Thoughts.

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