Blog 76: Why Is It Always Something Negative That Makes The Major News Network?

I am talking to people of ethnic minority in particular on this blog to show how instrumental the mainstream media is to the negative perception been advertised in our community.

I remember very vividly when Tiger Woods was caught allegedly driving under the influence, it was all over the news every half hour for a whole day.


Tiger could do no wrong until he cheated on his wife a fews years back, another piece of news that won’t go away for weeks.

The one that stood out the most was the Jay Z incident where he allegedly had an altercation with his sister in law in a lift 3 years ago.There was hardly any news channel or media outlet that didn’t publish it for at least a month.

My question is why didn’t any of this major news channel air the new charter (secondary) school Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs built with his own money?

Let’s put this in perspective here. It is true that there have been other people who have built schools before him, but you will be hard pressed to find who didn’t do it for profit and what is even harder to find is who will be willing to sacrifice millions of their own money.

Isn’t this feat worthy to make news?


I would think it is on a national level at least, considering the motives behind his gesture to make an impact in his community in form of free tuition fees.

I would bet if Diddy had been caught in the club with a gun or if a lady says he had sex her consensual or not, every social platform will be on it for weeks.

Your thought?


Author: FR76

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