Blog 76: Why Is It Important To Be Wary Of The Company You Keep?

Show Me your Friends, I’ll Tell You Who You Are.

Most times the people that take you and your career to the next level are the ones you do not know or least expect, as the  word ‘friend’ is loosely bestowed these days on anyone who ‘like’ you on social media, hang around, party or grew up with you on the same neighbourhood. You really want to know if you  have a friend in the first place? Get yourself in some real trouble.

So why is it imperative to be cautious of  who you keep as friends? It is because they tell the world all they need to know about you. Some of the signs to tell that the friendship is probably not in your best interest are

NEGATIVE ENERGY I am sure I don’t need to expound on this but for those who don’t know it simply means they are never happy for you or at least they pretend to be for example you tell a friend ‘I just bought a new shoe‘ their answer ‘oh! that’s nice, it’s like the one I have at home‘. You might say to your friend ‘I am going for that better paying job promotion across town‘ their answer ‘Are you sure? The journey will be too hectic’

FRIENDSHIP IS A TWO WAY PROCESS Have you ever had a friend where you do most if not all the calling just to see how he or she is doing? Either via phone or to pay a visit, a true friendship should be reciprocal. It can sometimes get as far as they only want to do one thing with you for example ‘friends’ you only see around if there’s a party or when there’s a major game to catch on TV.

YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR THEM While they pretend to be there for you. I am sure someone  have experienced situations where you cry to your ‘friend’ about the problems you are having in your relationship (e.g marriage) and you were goaded to leave only for the friend you confided in ended up dating your ex and in some cases marrying him or her. That sort of betrayal must be a hard pill to swallow.

ADVICE  They are very quick to give their opinion but will never listen to yours. Being the loyal friend that you are, you are willing to listen and in most cases take your friend’s advice but he or she won’t do the same. This is a clear indication that the friendship is not healthy.

CONTROL  Is more common amongst women, the idea of trying to control your social and personal life for example if you see a man you would like to date, he must first pass the approval of your friend or friends. It sounds weird but it is true and they go as far as having a major contribution on how you live in your relationship and where to go on vacation as I have seen. You wouldn’t believe the strong control effect some friends have over others. If they dislike who you are friends with they will try to put a strain on it which I guess you can call a control freak.

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