Blog 76: Why Is The Masculine Culture Becoming Feminine?

I asked myself on my way to work this morning, how did Hip Hop or black music in general get here? What is your point as a male artiste in ‘trying to become’ a female in appearance?

Perhaps it is my ‘archaic’ mentality that is preventing me from understanding the evolving trend, I still can’t grasp why hip hop has lost its essence in the new generation. 

Back in the day when we had our shell toes and adidas track suits, our parents kicked against the fashion fad at the time but relented in the end because they saw it as a youthful phase we had to through, but I don’t think I would have gone unpunished if I dressed up as a woman, carrying a lady’s purse all in the name of ‘fashion trend’.

This is not to affront the LGBT community in anyway, these cross dressing artistes spew homophobic lyrics which most times is an indication that they are not part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender identity, so why obliteration of your masculinity as a man in favour looking feminine?

it is sad enough that the musical content is more of mumbling melodic verses (mumble rap), hence dumbing down lyrical substance we were once used to, which I can understand if that is what the youth are into but I don’t how effeminacy can into the equation.

It is one thing if you are what you are selling, anything else is false representation of who you are. It is not to pay homage to LGBT either as there are better way to do so if that were the intention.

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Author: FR76

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