Blog 76: World Billionaires Explaining Why a College/University Degree is Useless……Allegedly.

This morning I was sent this video by one of my audience to give an opinion on what these world leaders felt about a formal tertiary degree.

This is really a tough challenge mentally because the message from these men who have walked their talk in more ways than one can be easily misconstrued.

Is this the message we should pass on to posterity considering the fact that imperative responsibilities in professions such as a doctor is a quintessential example of the importance of a university degree?

The juxtaposition of the billionaires words that they can very easily back up and the reality of our everyday life is a world apart.

However, there’s a lot of sense in what they said especially Donald Trump, Kevin O’ Leary and Elon Musk.

Mr O’Leary has a point when he said most teenagers between ages 16-18 have no idea how to substantiate their $100,000 debt decision before and after they finish school. 

I do not think they are been made aware of the commitment of repayment that lie await, even if they do I honestly think their young mind is not mature enough for such discussion.

Elon Musk who has a $20 billion net worth then went on to claim that going to college is all about downloading algorithms into your brain that you do not necessarily need.

Is he right?

Funny he said that because just last week, my wife who is a first class degree holder in pharmaceutical sciences when she graduated a few years back was asked by myself to explain the process of making an analgesic as she was taught in university.

Needless to say she could not remember a thing perhaps her career path has nothing to do with what she studied.

Trump stressed the need for practical experience over a degree. In my opinion I would rather both went hand in hand but the problem is most university graduates feel certain jobs are beneath them.

Case in point was that of a young man where I work, he just graduated (second class honors) with the hope of landing a gig in acting but in other for him to get there he had to start from the bottom by lifting chairs and tables for people who were clearly not as qualified as he is, he quit for the simple reason that the job was beneath him.

I have seen it happen many a time, the sense of entitlement that some graduate possess. Clearly they weren’t told that the real world require practicals not theory.

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