Blog 76: Your Teenage Daughter Caught In Bed With A Boy In Your House.

I do not have a daughter so I can’t sit here and pretend to know what it feels like seeing your 15 year old daughter in bed naked with a boy in your house.

I can imagine the disappointment especially when your daughter is at the age where she can’t take care of herself, although girls at that age think they do.

That was the case of this Asian father of Chinese descent in the clip below.

IIt is unclear how he caught his daughter but the fact of the matter is he did and his way of handling such issue is a little too far in my opinion, most will disagree I am sure.

First of all, if this were to happen in the western world he would be in jail period. However painful it was didn’t justify his action to that degree, physical assault is not the way forward in such instance.

Her father and brothers would have served time without a doubt.

It was disrespectful to bring her escapades home for sure but bear in mind she is a teenager and teenagers do what teenagers do; dumb things!

She is a fifteen year old caught with a boy her age and I believe there are efficacious ways to go about it without getting as far as pummelling the boy whom I believe didn’t deserve it.

You have the right to discipline your daughter but jumping on my son that way, I wouldn’t know how to react.

I appreciate the pain it takes to raise a daughter and the last thing you want is unplanned pregnancy or worse occurrence like sexually transmitted diseases, to show your displeasure in such manner is a little over the top and to publicly shame her is worse.

The question is would he act the same way if he had caught his son in bed with a girl in his house?

I don’t think so, I know for sure I wouldn’t.

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