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fr76radio songOur song of the week goes to Tremaine ‘Trey Songz’ Neverson’s Coming Home.

I have been a fan of Trey’s since his debut album ‘I Got to Make It’ In 2005 and he has been consistent ever since, with my personal favorite song of his been I Can’t Help But Wait from his sophomore LP.

On this track (Coming Home) which he talks about love, Christmas and family, he visualizes going back to his routes which i think exudes the air of the old saying ‘Never forget where you come from’ but lyrically I can’t see a direction as to where he was going really. One minute I thought Trey was talking about his lover, his family the next and then Xmas.

Still a great song with a 8/10 rating and you can hear it in our mix rotation on

Fr76 radio dungOur Dung of the week will either go to Black Youngsta’s Tissue or Plies’ Racks In My Ear but for this week we will go with Black Youngsta.

Now, I will be the first to say this is just my opinion and i mean no offence to anyone by this and i will appreciate a civil dialogue on this if anyone could honestly explain or translate what Samuel ‘Black Youngsta’ Benson is really saying?

The visual is a reaffirmation of black stereotypes which I don’t agree with but besides that, what is he really saying lyrically? Or is it the case of me hating what I do not understand? Hence I will appreciate if someone could break the lyrics down for me.

I like Black Youngsta as a person but I am not feeling this song at all and gets 1/10 rating.

You can still hear it on our mix show on because we believe listeners tastes are different.

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