Blog 76: Is There a Thin Line Between a Boss and a Highly Paid Employee?

These days it is very easy for people to use the terms ‘boss’ ‘CEO’ and ‘owner’ loosely. The fact that someone is a billionaire does not necessarily make him or her a boss.

There are many cases where multi millionaires are simply a highly paid employees.

You are certified a ‘boss’ if you own and fund your investment. In other words a corner store sneaker vendor can pass as a bonafide boss and your popular celebrity a highly paid employee.

There’s rarely anyone in black community that is in the position to be classified a top tier boss because we don’t own anything major.

I was flabbergasted to find out that billionaire Michael Jordan allegedly a highly paid ’employee’.

Why use the word employee for someone that iconic?

Simple. He allegedly doesn’t own the Jordan brand, Phil Knight does. Jordan is paid a fee annually to be the face of his own name brand.

Michael Jordan maybe worth $1bn, Mr Knight who owns Nike’s majority shares is worth almost $30bn.


As the saying goes, you cannot call yourself a boss if you answer to someone and don’t sign your pay cheque.

There are very few bosses out there as most people and celebrities alike have someone they answer to. They maybe extremely wealthy but controlled by people and organisations you may or may not know.

How is it possible that Michael Jordan who played professional basketball for more than two decades under his birth name yet don’t have full trademark rights to his name and logo?

While I will never know the answer to that question, it is axiomatic to see the worthiness of been a real boss. Phil Knight may have never set his feet in a basketball court a day in his life but his wherewithal and business acumen was savvy enough to give Jordan and numerous other athletes offer they can’t refuse.

Your thoughts.

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