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Blog 76: Anthony Joshua- It Is Not Why But How He Lost to The Underrated Andy Ruiz.

First of all Andy Ruiz truly deserves his win and he earned every moment of his victory. However, it will be remiss of me to deny the fact that many of us saw it coming and in all honesty we weren’t ready for the outcome.

We all wanted to see the Joshua v Wilder bout that would have ultimately unified all belts, even a Joshua v Fury would have been a box office smash but as they say you cannot judge a book by its cover. Ruiz came in and proved to the world what an awesome pugilist he really is which brings about the clause in the contract for a rematch.

I am one of those who is not really too excited about the rematch just for the simple reason of how Joshua lost, he did not fight like a champion which could be as a result of fear or simply because he is way more interested in becoming a superstar than the boxer we gerw to love.

I will choose the former.

When Ruiz got up from been knocked down in the first round and went on to knock Joshua down four times is not fluke on Ruiz’s part, he had a game plan and he stuck to it. Joshua on the other hand overlooked Ruiz as an easy payday but the tell tale signs showed before the fight started that he was visibly scared and as the fight progressed, Joshua was clearly fighting to protect his belts and not fighting to win.

This led fans all over the world to believe Joshua’s Hollywood frolicking may have cost him the fight, as he was pictured a lot more with celebrities than in the gym leading up to the fight.

There’s every chance he will re-emerge as the champion of the world in the rematch but the excitement to see him as a fighter we want to see against Fury or Wilder has depleted. It will be more interesting to see Ruiz v Fury or Wilder, all three have the penchant for the sport more than I saw in Jodhua.

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