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Blog 76: A “Man Of God” Sent to Five Years Behind Bars Over Fraud and Tax Evasion.

His name is Todd Coontz. The investigation on Mr Coontz started six years ago as he was been monitored since the news first broke of his extra, extravagant lifestyle which seem not to match what one would perceive of a man of God in charge of a ministry deemed a charitable organisation.

He is dubbed the Maserati minister and used his position as a televangelist to fleece his followers of millions of dollars while selling an inconceivable hope to the desperate.

  Preachers are now monitored very closely especially those of christian faith, there have been inconsistency in what they preach and what they practice in their everyday lives. Coontz recently purchase a $1m playboy pad where he parks his $450,000 Ferrarri and Maseratti, both titled in the church’s name.

On Tuesday a judge told him he could serve his time in prison in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The judge also ordered Mr Coontz to pay $750,000 in restitution to “his flock”, monies I very much doubt will be paid.

Prosecutors claimed Coontz accountant tried to warn him of his spending habits but he ignore them.

His wife provided IRS with more evidence against Coontz.


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