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Blog 76: Success- The Greatest Revenge In Life Is Not About Ability, It Is About Mentality.

I often hear that motivational speakers are a waste of time. Some say it’s a scam which perhaps is quite possibly true but how I tranformed from a security guard who worked 28-30 days a month just to earn a little extra, to owning a small but expanding seven figure portfolio of properties is not by luck or happenstance, I owe part of it to ‘the lion and eagle’ concept as taught by Dr Myles Munroe.

Believing that anything is possible is the first step. Since our thoughts are unspoken words, it is important to believe in our goals and most importantly act as if they have come to past.

The most important lesson that I took from this video which by the way I listen to every morning is the fact that our lives is what we think it should be given the right circumstance, we are what we thought we should be, and if we don’t like who we are we should change what we think we should be. In layman’s term, A man is as he thinketh and to those who believe in their convictions of christianity faith it isĀ  proverbs 23:7.

The second gem I took is purpose, why we do the things we do or yet to discover what we are born to do. Anyone without a purpose is pretty much existing just for the sake of, a man or woman without purpose is clear to see from a mile away because they say YES to almost any and everything, they stand up for nothing. Those with purpose will never compromise their intergrity and character for nothing even if it means they lose their jobs or friends. The most common way of identifying those with purpose is to simply look at history and show me anyone who compromised and is still been talked about today- Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Ghandi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Bob Marley, Mohammad Ali, Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Steven Biko, Nelson Madela, Fela Kuti- to name a few all had integrity despite their flaws.

The third and vital lesson is to always lead in whatever level and never, ever follow. This is where Dr Munroe masterfully disected and explained the true reason why the creator (if you are religious) or the universe identifies with two living creatures other than man, Lion and Eagle. This book is a give away as it helps explain in deatil what you won’t be able get in any education platform. Leaders choose their levels of association based on where they are going, people who are going nowhere want you to go with them so it is imperative to choose who we hang around with if we have any chance to succeed.

Lastly, confidence is ultimate in achieving one’s success at any stage. This is a belief system that is often misconstrued. Normally when insecure or purposeless people see someone who is confident, they call him or her arrogant.

When you know who you are and have discovered your purpose tied to your intergrity, you cannot help but to be bold which has nothing to do with been arrogant. What you believe about yourself is what you think about yourself and what you think about yourself is naturally how you bahave.

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