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Blog 76: Russian Instagram Influencer Murdered and Stuffed In A Suitcase, Ex-Boyfriend Confessed to The Killing.

Ekaterina Karanaglova was not just a beautiful young lady who had the world at her feet, she had the brains to match the beauty and much more until she met her untimely death last Friday.

A recent medical school graduate at the age of 24 and an avid social media influencer that boasted nearly 100,000 followers, Ms Karanaglova had planned a trip to Netherlands to celebrate her 25th with her boyfriend.

Suspicion started to grow when she ceased returning phone calls from family, friends and loved ones.

Her frantic parents decided to stop by her apartment and forced their way in with the help of her landlord, only to discover her body chopped up in a suitcase.

Her ex-boyfriend Maxim Gareyev turned himself in to admit to the killing. His reasons for taking her life (below) is perhaps one of the most insecure and bizarre excuses I have ever heard.

Gareyev stabbed her five times in the neck and chest, he is currently held at a maximum prison facility awaiting trial.

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