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Blog 76: El Paso and Dayton Mass Shootings Are Investigated As Hate Crime, Possibly Domestic Terrorism.

According to CNN, both shootings in the United StatesĀ  over the past 24 hours are been investigated as a possible hate crime as America and the world mourn what should now be the crime insignia that has plagued “God’s Own Country” more often that not.

Gun crime is perhaps the only crime I am conversant with when it comes to America, yet the country is reluctant to heed the outcry from across the globe on amending The Second Amendment.

29 people in total have been massacred in Elpaso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Another senseless killing that have bereft and robbed us all of lives and ideas that could have become the agent of change that is so needed in a world that has totally gone astray. CNN Report Here

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