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Blog 76: T- Pain Blew Through $40 Million and Had To Borrow Money For Burger King’s Whopper Meal.

Faheed Rasheed Najm is popularly known to the world as T-pain, he is mostly renowned as the re-originator of the auto tune which he reintroduced in 2005, and to this day the voice altering vocoder is used in virtually every urban music played around the world.

As a result he accrued millions of dollars before the age of 30 to the point that he once raked in $8 million in one year on features alone.

T-Pain had the world on lock and key from about 2006 before his wane of popularity commenced circa 2012.

A the age of 33, T-Pain decided to come out and talk about his financial struggles on The Breakfast Club and how he managed to bounce back. “I had to borrow money to get my kids Burger King” recounts T-Pain at the peak of his financial woes.

“I was letting my manager do it and he was more optimistic than I was” says the singer who earlier this year won Fox’s inaugural Masked Singer competition.

In the height of T-Pain’s extravagant spending, he owned a 8.0 litre Bugatti Veyron sports car which set him back $1.2 million among other super exotic vehicle.

Although this is not the first we have heard of big names losing vast amount of money, what made T-pain’s situation peculiar is the short amount of time he made and lost it all.

He was already a multi millionaire by age 22 in 2008, by age 30 it was all gone.

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