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Blog 76: Rich People Talk, Wealthy People Whisper.

Robert Kiyosaki clearly differentiates rich people as having a lots of money, while the wealthy don’t really have to worry about money. After a little bit of research, I find it to be quite possibly true.

The misconception that has lingered for quite a while is now clear, the cliched adage of money don’t bring happiness is only applicable to those who worry about it.

If you have the time to worry about the next potential business deal falling through, then you are never really wealthy in the first place even if you are a billionaire.

Yes, becoming a billionaire does not make you wealthy as there have been some billionaires who are now working regular jobs just to make ends meet or worse. (Watch billionaires blunders here).

A wealthy individual is recession proof and can afford to make mistakes after mistakes and still maintain his or her daily lifestyle without never having to a work or invest in another venture for the rest of his or her life.

Hence the 1 %.

The one percents (of which blacks make up less than 1 %) is the percentage of those in the world’s population deemed not to ever have to worry about money. In other words, the 99% of the entire population some how work for the 1% or are dependent on their products and platforms.

So let’s take Bill Gates for example whom I really don’t know what percentage he is at this stage, clearly not a one percent in my opinion. He made his first billion dollars in 1976 at the age of 21. In his own words (in this clip) he professes his only extravagant purchase been a Porsche, a plane and an indoor trampoline. He has given away $40 billion of his own money to good causes and still remain the third richest man in the world. In early 2018, he is estimated to making $130 per second around the clock, these figures have since increased considering how well Microsoft share prices are doing.

When you compare Mr Gates to Mark Cuban who is also an extravagant one percent billionaire and still has to go to work to oversee his investments, little wonder why the rich talk and the wealthy whisper.

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