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Blog 76: The Government’s Strategy to Keep Employees Dependent On The Next Pay Cheque.

Ask not what your country can do for you- Ask what you can do for your country“. These excerpts from John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech in January of 1961 is a clear indication of the system operated by most western countries, developing ones are following suit.

It is all business and nothing personal with the government. It starts with two things, first to create value to their country.

So let’s take United Kingdom for example. They make sure their passports are held to the highest regard with other super powers, jobs everywhere especially blue collar ones and most importantly provide a fallacy of safety and security in the minutest of details.

The second aspect is the education system- What a better way to raise indoctrinated children to pay for their investments made in the value they have already created initially. Even if you are not born there, it is okay because the government has designed the system in such a  way that you will have to pay your way through life while in the country.

The school system is the biggest ‘recruiter’ of employees which is where the government make a chunk of their revenue. Hence business ownership and financial independence is never taught in schools, an establishment created by the government in the first place to help her GDP.

Once gainfully employed, it does not really matter as the tax bill apply to all. In the UK there’s a threshold amount you have to exceed before the tax man sets it fang to recoup on their investment.

For example below is an average salary of £2083.33 a month (£25,000 per annum), about 18-20% of that goes to tax and national insurance.

 This is only the beginning.

Your old age pension monthly contribution which I think is a scam is now made a prerequisite for most employers, in turn a deduction of about £120 or more depending on earnings will be levied on you.

Of the £1591.32 left, you have to pay you rent. So a standard one bedroom apartment in the London area is about £700 to £1000 a month and the government have a slice of the rent paid to the landlord. Sometimes they have their own properties available for rent at a subsidised rate to undercut market.

You have about £750 left- A thrifty individual would spend at least £100 or more on electricity and gas a month, this incurs taxes that must be paid on the services as well.

There’s a tax levied on residents with running water in their homes, it is called “water rates”, this is currently between £250 to £500 a year depending on usage.

Council Tax is another liability that must be paid. This is for disposing of your rubbish bins, local police access amongst other things like paying your borough or constituent representative, depending on your band this can set you back anything from £80-£300 per month.

For every food purchased from the supermarket and restaurants, there are tax liabilities that must be paid. The seller would typically include that in your bill at 15-20% of your overall total.

You like to watch TV? Good. So for that privilege you must obtain a yearly license of £154 from the government to watch a television. Oh, I forgot to mention you will have to buy a TV set to watch , so when you pay £300 for a decent one, included is a 20% for the tax man in the form of Value Added Tax.

Let’s not factor in cost of catching a ride to and from work which arguably is the most expensive in the world in terms of public transportation, and the cost of running your own vehicle which includes other tax liabilities.

Unlike owning your own business, an employee is not allowed to claim any of these expenses back from the tax man. This keeps the employee living from pay cheque to pay cheque, with little incentives like 20 days paid annual leave and in some cases paid sick leave just to keep the employee motivated enough to be complacent, while the GDP of the state flourishes.

The government does not encourage financial independence for this purpose. The only way you can truly be financially free is owning the work you do in order to claim some of these expenses back from the government hence such information is not made available.

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