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Blog 76: 5 Types Of People You Must Not Trust And Avoid At All Cost.

If you want to reach your fullest potential in life, at some point you will come across people with negative energy and they usually are the ones closest to you. Your failure and success are easily predictable in two ways, your habits and most importantly the company you keep.

In this blog, we will focus on the latter. Here is our tip on the top five people you must steer clear from if you are not strong enough to use their energy to manifest your vision.

PROCRASTINATORS– These are also known as time wasters. Typically, people who are going nowhere want you to go with them and when you don’t, they ostracize themselves from you. Most times it is never their intentions to steal your time, it is just that they are hardwired to be complacent and often times never dream beyond their environment. The one thing that don’t discriminate is time as a billionaire and a janitor both have the same 24 hours, how it is used makes all the difference.

GOSSIPS– Anyone that talks about people around you will most certainly talk about you when you are not there. Our energy (positive or negative) are frequency we radiate, what we give out we receive in return. Gossips are one of the most untrustworthy people you will ever come across in your path to success.

THE MISEDUCATED– This is probably worse than being uneducated. If you don’t know is one thing but when fed the wrong thing is another.  No matter how big or small your vision is, you need three components to make it come true in the following order; 1- Knowledge which is simply Information 2- Understanding which is comprehension of the information and 3- Wisdom which is the application of your understanding of the information given. Anyone who is misinformed could be very costly or worse.

HATERS– Have you ever told someone you think is close to you about an idea and the shut it down immediately or try to make you see the pitfalls in your ideas? These sort of people again are typically the ones closest to you and can be demoralizing.

OVER SENSITIVE– They say business has no heart beat or feelings. Yet there are disgruntled people who mix personal emotions and business when most times they will be doing business with people they don’t like and vice versa. These types of people will make you lose opportunities and burn bridges when you should be building them.

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