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Blog 76: A Net Worth Of $170 Billion, Surprise Visit To High Schools’ Science Department Yet The Students Had No Idea Who Is Jeff Bezos…..

The moral of the story is not to encourage the youths to worship or fawn over money, the idea is the imperative need to study important people and events in the society other than a superstar from the realms sports or music.

It is necessary to study the movers and shakers in our society and most importantly their inventions. So that we might be inspired, or at least appreciate their contribution that has facilitated the trajectory of how the world have morphed from what it was to the global village we are currently living in.

Besides our historical figures whose epoch sacrifice has gifted with a lot of the privileges we enjoy today, it is also worth the acknowledgement of  modern day history in the making that we are privileged to see manifest.

Bill Gates is the reason we have computer on our desks today in Microsoft, Steve Jobs is the reason why we have a touch screen mobile in Apple, Elon Musk is the reason taxis on our phones with Uber also the first all electric car in Tesla and Jeff Bezos changed  the way we shop with online retailing where purchase can be made instantly with Amazon no matter where you are in the world.

These names are important for any child or adults alike to study, it will be remiss not to.

Jeff made a surprise visit to a few secondary schools as part of Amazon’s plan to “invest” in their science department to help develop ‘the next Stephen Hawkins’ perhaps.

I used the word “invest” not because he needs to make money, if anything it is to invest in the future of urban youths that hopefully one day someone could invent something greater than what he has accomplished.

The sad part was when the kids were asking who is Jeff Bezos? Even when the teacher was trying to incite her class, the were nonchalant. Obviously not on purpose but out of sheer ignorance.

The class would have erupted had Chris Brown or Rihanna walked in, pop stars that are celebrated for what they are and nothing else.

While it is absolutely fine to dream to be a pop star, it is more important to know whose platform you would need not only to release and sell the music but who will be controlling your destiny in that path.

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