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Blog 76: Why Positioning Is So Important To Growth And Success.

Let’s take a seed from any fruit and plant it in the wrong soil, there can only be two outcome. It is either the seed does not germinate at all or if it does, it is suffice to say its growth will be impeded.

Figuratively, this analogy is simply how growth in every facets of life work. The soil represent our environment and the seed is the gift or dream each individual possess.

You can be born with the greatest of talents and honed in the best institution on earth or inherited substantial liquid. But, if you are not positioned in the right environment to flourish, failure is inevitable.

Some are born lucky, some are born in a position predestined for failure but most people pick which side they want to be in their trek through life, The most common in such instance is who they chose to hang around with, family and friends included.

Weird as it may seem, you will be surprise to learn that not all family is happy to see one of theirs grow. It is called jealousy. Hence it is important to stay away from a mentality that poisons your seed.

A significant sign to make you aware that you have the soil for your seed is when the environment you find yourself always remind you to “never forget where you come from” and the best reply I have heard yet “I know where I am from but I don’t want to live there“.

It is always the wrong or impoverished environment that reiterate the adage, which would have been alright if you were in the right surroundings.

As a man once said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” hence why people who want to grow successfully leave friends and family behind that is not on the same page.

Conforming to your surroundings is one of the most natural occurrence in life. You put a man in any country, after a while he will have to align with the behavior and ideals of that country.

So in other to grow, it is important to position yourself around people who are growing. If you must aim at a very high level, do not tell your dreams and aspirations to those who are not on your realm of imagination because success breeds contempt and misery loves company.

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