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Blog 76: Here Is How Systematic Racism Works In Our School System, Especially In Britain.

This novel has been banned in some counties in the United States but In Britain, it is part of the secondary school curriculum. Much to my chagrin I was surprised to find out that teachers still use the unedited version where blacks are called Niggers, and what is most bizarre is these white teachers use the opportunity to spew the epithet as they please, in a class full of black kids under the guise of ‘reading a book’.

You will be hard pressed to find a school in Britain that is not using this book and you wonder why no one sees nothing wrong with it, this is exactly how systematic racism is allowed to blossom at an alarming rate.

After an empirical research, I found out most black parents are none the wiser. A lot of them as so religiously brainwashed to the point that they do not know the connotations and the sub-conscious effect it has on their children. Some did not even know the word ‘Nigger’ was the last word their ancestors heard as they were forcibly sold from their homeland in Africa to slave master to die, with Barclay bank UK serving as the slaves insurance providers.

Another classic novel littered with racist epithets toward blacks taught in English curriculum.


Some fools may argue that it is all in the past, some say the word Nigger is only ‘a word’.  Only people who would say such a thing are either not black or wet behind the ears millennial who don’t know their history, thinking it is their right to live in the western world and be free. If not for the same ancestors who gave their life, we will not be liberated as we are today.

For the slave masters’ descendants to use the word Nigger so loosely under the ruse of a ‘teacher’ is an affront to who gave up everything that we may enjoy what and who we are today.

Remembrance day to celebrate war veterans is appreciated and hugely celebrated with monarch’s and world leaders’ Pomp and Ceremony, 100 years on. Emancipation of Slavery is never celebrated, Black History month is a joke and nowhere near as celebrated, 400 years on.

There were way more causalities and its ripple effect on the latter.


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