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Blog 76: Zambian President Does Not Welcome Same Sex Relationships, He Is Labelled “A Monster” For His Beliefs.

One of the qualities of an imperialist is picking on little and poor countries with the intention to subdue the nation in every way possible. This is what Daniel Foote, America Ambassador to Zambia, exerted as he opposed President Edgar Lungu’s authority when a consent was given to jail a homosexual couple in Lusaka for 15 years. I guess what many are asking is, would America or Sky News dare question Saudi Arabia’s position on homosexuality knowing full well how stringent their laws are with the LGBTQ community?

Well, the answer to that question is rather rhetoric. Like Saudi, Zambia has cultural values they proudly adhere to which was perceived to have been disrespected when Mr Foote publicly attacked Lungu’s government for been corrupt because poachers get lesser sentences.

The President was unequivocal on his stance on homosexuality, “Even animals don’t do it, why should we do it? Just so we can be seen to be smart and civilized?”

Crime against the order of nature (gay sex) is not tolerated in some countries and Zambia is one if them. Since America is one of its biggest aid donors, they felt it was right to chime in to which the president politely told America to keep their aid.

Tell the west to leave us alone with our scrounging and struggling” Lungu responded.

Sentencing is harsh but at the end of the day, the laws of the land stipulates clearly what they do and do not not accept, and like Saudi Arabia’s should be respected as such.

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