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Blog 76: Death Could Not Stop White Supremacist From Raring Her Ugly Head

As the world mourn the loss of one of the greatest athletes of our generation, his daughter and 7 others who were aboard the ill fated helicopter that crashed in Calabasas California, MSNBC news anchor felt the best way to address the dead was to call him a Nigger live on air.

What was more insulting to the black race across the world was her pathetic apology, in her puerile attempt to justify what we all heard.


Alison must really think blacks are stupid. If anything, the ‘N’ word is one we cannot miss as it is almost like a second nature in the black community. It is common reference in our music, culture and most times used as a word for ‘love’ in a miserable attempt to take away all the negative connotations that comes along with it.

As petition for her resignation is clamoured from all walks of life, I will like to ask our audience to listen to the clip and let us know what you heard, “Nakers” or “Niggers”.

I know I heard the latter.

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