About Us

FR76 GROUP LTD is the parent company of a number of businesses all with the goal to make significant positive contributions to our clients’ everyday lives. Our founder utilises his extensive experience and expertise in many fields to ensure our services are performed to the highest standards and our products are of the best quality.

Our commitment to high quality is best exemplified by our stores. We have both an e.store boasting over 1500 products. Whether you’re looking for clothing, technology or anything in between, FR76 has the dedication to quality and range to make sure you’re able to find just what you’re looking for. Our Hatue e.store is perfect for the luxury lovers. From beautiful, high end jewellery to unbeatable high specification technology, we hand pick any items we feature on our store because we know how important quality is.

We are the parent company to FR76 Lettings, an emerging property enterprise. With properties suitable for both long term and short term rental agreements, we work with Local Housing Association to make certain our properties meet the UK regulatory standard because the health and safety of our tenants is of paramount importance to us. Our friendly, professional team help families settle into great housing in and around London. From the suburbs to the city, we want to help find you and your family the best place for you.

Our expertise isn’t just in great quality shopping and lettings. Our security services provide fantastic managerial skills and detail orientated professionals to merge the gaps in strategic security planning. This attention to detail means we can ensure the satisfaction of our clients and solutions to any security issues. Whether you’re looking for guarding or security systems, we have the background and the experience to help.

Our radio station boasts an incredible line up of DJs playing a range of genres. From new artists, classic tunes, vintage R&B and anything in between, we have something for everyone. We also offer businesses a great platform to reach a wide range of potential consumers through advertising opportunities.

These advertising opportunities are also available on our blogs. We offer advice and knowledge on a wide range of topics such as health and fitness, lifestyle and entertainment among others. If you’re looking for a way to expand your understanding of your health or you’re looking to transform your life through your style or through other aspects of personal development, our blogs are perfect for you. In addition to this free advice, we offer e courses to give you real, expert guidance on a range of subjects like taking control of your health or maybe even starting your own business.

FR76 may cover a wide range of services, but as you can see, we pride ourselves on being able to help our customers reach their full potential either personally or through their business. If you think our services could benefit you, contact us today.