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Blog 76: Floyd Mayweather Stunts On Haters In Typical ‘Money May’ Fashion, However Bizarre It May Appear.

‘Money May’ is not new to controversy. His childish petulence has no boundaries but one thing you cannot take away from Money May (as Floyd is colloquially known) is his skills as a boxer that made him a damn near billionaire and one we all seem to overlook which is his flair and aptitude to stay relevant.

Relevance is the new currency in this social media generation, it has almost the same value as stocks and bonds. If you know how to use it you can famous and wealthy with little or no talent, just ask the Kardashians.

The most important and a must have factor in staying relevant is the ability to ‘troll’, in other words baiting which in layman’s terms is simply giving people something to talk about.

This is exactly what Maywether did in this teenage behaviour of ostentatiously showing his wealth which started when Forbes recently released the list of highest paid athletes in the world for 2019 and Mayweather’s name was not in Top 100, this set the internet ablaze as Floyd had been consistent in holding the top spot every year.

People who are in the know, know that as a retired athlete he will not be considered for this assessment in the first place, but those who are unaware saw it differently, thinking Floyd had gone broke due to his incessant spending habit.

As as you would expect from a typical infantile Floyd (like Donald Trump who once sued a reporter in 2009 for calling him a millionaire), he responded…. Hard!!

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