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Blog 76: Diddy Celebrates Turning 50. You Wouldn’t Believe What Was The Highlight Of His Lavish Birthday Bash For Those Who Couldn’t Be There.

For those who grew up on Bad Boy hits from the mid nineties, it comes as no surprise that the head honcho of one of the most iconic record labels of our generation gave another epic party at his Holmby Hills mansion a week ago.

The multi millionaire entrepreneur spared no expense as he is notorious for, with the creme de la creme of the entertainment world hobnobbing over the finest wine and spirits.

Paparazzi’s lens caught every celebrity as they sauntered into the sprawling mansion to help celebrate a golden age in style. Diddy’s movie themed birthday party looked something out of this planet as he released a trailer for what looked like a premier than a party many are used to.

What set the internet ablaze was not the party or celebrity guests but the young up and coming video editor who made the trailer.

The quality of the of the production is so good, even I had to watch it about five times, not to see the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but just the sheer work of art put together in form of cinematography. Good headphones are a must if you want to get the full experience.

Social media instantly call for this editor to open up a school because his secret to video editing must be taught. I have seen a lot of movies and trailers, nothing on the level of this.

Youtubers for the first time commented more on the video editing than the A-listers  and as a matter of fact, the editor is the star of the show for those who live vicariously through visuals.

Some dubbed it ‘the best movie of 2019’, I say best picture for sure if nominated.


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