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Blog 76: Five Surprising Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well.

Some jobs may not be so glamorous and often times they are rarely heard of, what is most baffling is how exceedingly well remunerated these occupation are. For example who would believe a sex toy tester earns anywhere from £35k-£40k per anum, and as a matter of fact I have not heard of such a career until one of our readers asked for our opinion which promted a little research and below are top five of some of the weirdest jobs that pay insanely well.


The job title is a little misleading but it is what they are called and their job discription is to identify the sex of chicks (young chickens), their salary starts at $60,000 per anum. Experienced chicken sexers which Japanese are widely known to be very good at earn more. There’s a shortage of chiken sexers in the U.K’s market with salary from £40,000.


Portable toilets are quite essential but not too many people have the discipline to work in them unlike our regular toilets for the obvious reasons. This job pays between $60k to $70k in a recent Indeed posting.


This is not what an average Joe can afford as not too many of us have big enough dining room and certainly not a wine cellar at home. This service is for the well heeled in our society but what was shocking is how much butlers are paid. For starters the highest paid butler on earth is based in the United States with an annual salary of $2.2m per anum. This job has a little favoritism towards the English man as their protocol help solidify the mirage of extreme wealth. In Dubai, the wealthy pays english butlers a minimum of $250,000 a year, more than the prime ministes makes.


Nowhere in the world where collecting garbage pays more than in the United States. Collectors earn as high as $112,000 a year, this is about the median wage of a medical doctor.


Fart sniffing is big business in China with sniffers earning upwards of $50k per anum. Smelling these obnoxious gases help to properly diagnose ailment plaguing patients and the best way to treat them.

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Please get in touch with the team if you know of any uncanny jobs that pays really well that we may not be aware of.

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