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Blog 76: Meet Kim- The Owner Of 7,000 Rental Properties, 2 Hotels & 4 Golf Courses.

Meet the 62 year old entrepreneur who looks nothing close to that age.  But, what is most inspiring about this American woman is how she keeps taking risks investing at an age where most have resigned to retirement.

What Kim has shown women (and men alike) is that, retirement is not measured by your age but by the number of zeros in cash flow from asset accumulated and most importantly, she taught us that you retire to something you love to do and not from it.

Kim’s recently premiered at London Real to help women learn about money, a topic I think most people believe is all about the loop of earning and spending.

Her open advocacy for female financial empowerment propelled her to write the book Rich Woman.

A book that does not gloat about her accomplishments as the title suggests, but to give the much needed insight to how important it is for women to be their own boss and subdue their area of financial interest.

The one thing I learned from her lecture in London is that success don’t come easy, you must take ‘the stairs’ (not the lifts or elevators) in order to succeed at what you do.

She started in 1989 with just one 2 bedroom apartment. Her journey thus far has been beyond remarkable and I think any man or woman who truly desire to be financially independent should emulate her meteoric rise to the top.

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