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Blog 76: MGM Grand Resort Has Agreed to Pay $800m Restitution to Families of The Las Vegas Shooting.

Liability claimants have reached a settlement with MGM Grand for up to $800m for the Las Vegas mass shooting  stemming back October 1st 2017.

On that day, a man made his way to 32nd floor of the MGM owned Mandalay Bay and opened fire at a Country Music Festival crowd killing 58.

Lawyers for surviving victims demanded MGM be held responsible for negligence, because of how easy it was for the shooter (Stephen Paddock) to smuggle in high powered assault rifle into the resort.

Lawyer Mo Aziz who represents 1,000 people is expected to file claims and hopes payout will provide closure.

“In this era of mass shooting, this settlement sends a strong message to the hospitality industry that steps necessary to prevent mass shootings must be taken”.

An independent claims administrator has been appointed to disburse the monies from the settlement fund.

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