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Blog 76: Jeff Bezos Made $13.2 Billion in 15 Minutes According to CNN Business.

The founder and majority share holder of Amazon once said he has stopped spending money because he could spend it all even if he tried. One thing he certainly cannot stop growing is his bank balance as it is now out of control.

I mean, this man gave his ex-wife of over 20 years a $30 billion divorce settlement just a couple of years ago. It sure doesn’t look like the separation bill slowed him down one bit as he continues to grow his net worth that is by far bigger than some countries’ Gross Domestic Product.

Although some may never see one tenth of Mr Bezos’ wealth, a lot can be garnered from how he made such a colossal amount in such a small amount of time.

This is called the power of investing. If you have not started investing, I think you should start now in your own little way.

It was reported  that Amazon blew Wall Street expectations when they exceeded their expected earnings over the holiday quarter, sending the stock price to a record high.

The company posted profit of $3.3 billion or $6.47 per share which was initially expected to be $4.03 yesterday.

For those who don’t understand how the stock market work, this means that in a quarter (4 months), Amazon made $87 billion.

Amazon PRIME is a major reason for this hike in revenue as subscription hit 150 million.

As I am an avid monitor of the stock market, it did not come as a surprise.

First of all its shares are crazy expensive at $1,800 a share, and anytime you think it is on its way down, it just continue to rise. For those without deep pockets who wants to own part of the company, this is not a good news.

But, if you are rich enough to own a few shares then Jeff Bezos by all account is a good leader and your investment will pay off.

For the wealth builders, studying Bezos just might be a good idea.

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