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Blog 76: Building Quantum Wealth Is The Basis Of Financial Freedom.

By default, majority of adults living today have been pre-condition from when they were babies to view success as going to school and secure a job. This is called a rat race in the corporate world because no one will ever be financially free depending on a salary from a job he or she does not own, irrespective of how much they make.

It is good news to see millennials changing the narrative to becoming their own bosses, especially with the powerful tool called the internet at their beck and call.

(16 year old entrepreneur makes more than $350 in less than 24 hours online)

Growing up, we were taught to ‘work hard’ at our jobs with the hope of a promotion to earn a decent pay rise and a promising pension for when we are old and gray. But, what we now know is this pattern only makes us slaves to a system that is already designed to keep poor and middle class poorer.

In other to be financially free, hard work can only get you to a point where you must understand the word “leverage”.

Hard work and leverage are two different mindset. We are taught to work hard by our parents and teachers but never how to leverage, which can perhaps be attributed sheer ignorance.

Every single human on earth who is successful and completely financially free has leverage. It will come a point where hard work has to stop for your leverage to take you to the next level.

What is leverage? Leveraging is simply creating wealth for yourself by using very little or none of your time and physical effort.

The most common forms of leverage is other people’s time, money, contact, knowledge and expertise. It can also mean your money or intellectual property working for you.

The difference between the poor, middle class and rich is how they spend their time. The rich do whatever they want with their time, this is a luxury that the poor and middle class cannot afford.

Since money is only a byproduct of value creation, it is imperative to understand how to leverage the money your hard work provides.

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